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The Founding of Hartwood Hospital


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In 1881 'Kirklands' hospital was established in Bothwell. It was controlled by a joint committee of Glasgow, Lanark and Govan. A small annexe to Kirklands, housing approximately thirty patients, was opened at Liquo (Leeky) or Bowhousebog in Shotts Parish in 1886.
Sasine records show  Glasgow district board of Lunacy acquiring one rood and 27 falls of grounds with buildings therein from William Steel in 1883.



See footnote on history of the previous land owners

Increasing demands for mental health care strained resources and it was decided to extend the Assylum on a new site by purchasing part of Hartwood from estate trustees Lord Deas, (often referred as the hanging judge).

Work began in January 1890 preparing the site and constructing a private railway from a siding from Hartwood Station, it ran through a deep cutting to the back of the main Hospital.
The private railway ceased to operate after 1945 as it was found that road transport was much more convenient

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Initially, six wards were built with accommodation for some 500 patients
The buildings were heated by a modern system of pipes and radiarors, the Hospital having it's own steam operated generators and water supply


The first phase of the Hospital totaled 175.000, the cost of the initial buildings, railways, houses for medical and auxiliary staff and farm steading was 153.000, furnishings amounted to 10.000 and the estate cost 12.000


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Liquo (pronounced as 'Leekie or Leeky') was originally a farming estate, the owners can be traced to prior 1700.
William STEEL  (married 1720 to Katharin Walker or Wardrop) inherited the farm from his father
James STEILL sometime in the early 1700s. he became a major landowner in the area buying a 
'substantial part of Stane in or about 1740, this was 'Portioned' ( described and titled as 'Portioners')
 to 2 of his sons, John and James.
 Kirk o' Shotts graveyard has several lairs which were owned by Liquo and Stane families almost up to present day.
These families are related by blood and marriage to the STEELs of Summerside. The Stane and
Summerside STEELs were prominent members of Cambusnethan Kirk, with invariably the landowner
being an Elder of the Kirk. Old Parish Records often reveal two John STEELs as Elders in the same period
These lines can be expanded upon by going to
genealogy section on this site for a 
comprehensive history of these and associated families.

political history  The Founding of Hartwood Hospital
early progress   Hartwood Village   Hartwood